Beautiful, Energy Efficient Windows for Residents of Greenwich, CT

Energy Efficient Windows Greenwich CTAt Pratt & D’Angelo, we install energy efficient windows in Greenwich, Connecticut, for local homeowners who want to save money, help the environment, and beautify their homes all in one fell swoop. Our suppler, Sunrise, is one of the leading manufacturers of energy-saving windows in the country, and is consistently listed as a “Top 100 Manufacturer” by Window & Door Magazine.

Sunrise energy efficient windows offer an excellent return on investment. Made of energy efficient PVC, a type of vinyl, Sunrise windows are:

  • Incredibly durable – Vinyl windows do not suffer from many of the problems that afflict wood-frame windows. For example, they do not expand and contract in response to changes in humidity and temperature, eliminating the possibility that gaps will form and let air and moisture pass through.
  • Very low maintenance – Scraping, painting, sanding, caulking – none of these are required on vinyl windows. Years from now, your Sunrise vinyl windows will look virtually as good as they did on the day they were installed, with hardly any maintenance required in the interim. 
  • More aesthetically pleasing – It naturally follows from the above that Sunrise windows offer unmatched curb appeal.

When you consider all the advantages of vinyl, it is a wonder why anyone would want to buy windows made of any other material. With features like insulated PVC frames, fusion-welded corners, and advanced weatherstripping, Sunrise windows have proven themselves to be some of the most energy efficient windows sold in America today.

For more information, contact Pratt & D’Angelo. We are a professional window replacement contractor serving Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding area.