Energy Efficient Home Windows for Residents of Greenwich, CT

Home Windows Greenwich CTResidents of Greenwich, Connecticut, who are in the market for energy efficient home windows turn to Pratt & D’Angelo. Why should they look anywhere else? At Pratt & D’Angelo, we install windows that offer unmatched energy efficiency, unbeatable durability, and incomparable value. Our supplier, Sunrise, is an award-winning window manufacturer that specializes in building windows for today’s energy-conscious homeowners. Sunrise home windows are technologically advanced, with a number of highly effective, energy-saving features built right in:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) frames – PVC is an energy efficient, durable material that closely mimics the look of painted wood, without all the hassles.
  • Foam-filled frame cavities – All home windows from Sunrise are injected with polyurethane foam to provide higher R-values.
  • Fusion-welded corners – Using fusion welds instead of mechanically fastened seams, Sunrise renders its windows more resistant to air and water infiltration.
  • Advanced weather stripping – Sunrise windows feature a triple weather stripping barrier that effectively guards against cold air and harsh winds.

The net result of these features is a window that will significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, Sunrise windows consistently edge out other window brands in terms of their ability to help homeowners conserve energy and save money. They have the highest R-Factor (7.14) per lineal inch and the lowest air infiltration rating (0.04) of all the major brands.

For more information about Sunrise home windows and the benefits to having them installed, contact Pratt & D’Angelo. We are a full-service window installer serving Greenwich, CT, and neighboring areas.